Saturday, November 24, 2012

New Blog

Blogger won't let me upload anymore pictures because I've reached my max, so I've started a new blog.  I don't currently have any new posts on there, but feel free to check out my last three posts I updated today on here.  I'll update my new blog soon (hopefully tomorrow but if not within the next week!)


Easton is now in Karate.  He really seems to enjoy it and it seems right down his alley.  Easton's all about power rangers these days so he loves to punch and kick just like a power ranger.

Video of Easton doing somersaults:
So dizzy!

I have a bunch of other videos but apparently I can't upload them if they are longer than a minute.  I guess I'll have to remember that for the next few classes so I can actually put some videos up on here.

Gymnastics-Leaping Leopards

Blair has advanced to the next level in gymnastics!  She just LOVES gymnastics!

Video of Blair holding herself up:

Video of Blair doing a flip on the bars:

Video of Blair doing a forward flip on the bars:

Video of Blair doing a handstand:

Video of Blair on the bars:

Video of Blair:

Back somersault:

Blair on the bars:

Halloween Fun

Church Halloween Party:

Easton as Spiderman

Blair as a Vampire.  Blair and I matched.  I can't believe that I forgot to get a picture of Blair and I together. Sad!

Dyer shooting targets

Dyer as a monkey

Costume Parade

Video of Blair and Dyer in the parade:

Carving/decorating pumpkins:

Easton made the silly face pumpkin at kindergarten.

Nathan carving a pumpkin

Blair made this spider pumpkin.  I'm not sure what happened to his other fang.

Easton made this skull pumpkin.  Part of his eye fell off.

Mickey Mouse.  The pumpkin Nathan carved.

I started carving a small pumpkin in the shape of Minnie Mouse but because the pumpkin was on the small end it made it difficult to get the fine details.

Easton eventually got really bored so he decided to be the DJ.  He also was singing along so I of course had to film him.
Video of Easton singing:

Blair as Spider girl

Spider girl's mask

Dyer was not cooperating!  

Back side of Dyer as a monkey.

Easton as Spiderman.

Spiderman's mask.

 Green Valley Pumpkins:
 A doctor in the town next to us buys 100+ pumpkins every year and invites who ever wants to come over two days and the day before Halloween to carve them.  Then on Halloween and the day after Halloween he lights them all up for everyone to see.  Each of the kids get a regular sized candy bar there too!

Video of Dyer so excited:

You can't see Dyer but you can definitely hear how excited he is about all the lit up pumpkins.  Whoa!  


Easton, Blair, and Dyer in front of some of the pumpkins

Videos of the pumpkins:

I found it was easier to just film the pumpkins instead of taking pictures.

The whole crew (minus me).  Dyer, Valerie, Blair, Easton, and Grandma Kennedy (Valerie's mom).

Friday, November 16, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

I just got called to be the Young Women's Secretary.  Things have been really busy so the blog of course has been put on the back burner.  Hopefully I can catch up because I have a lot of things that have happened  over a month ago.

Dyer and I went with Blair on her preschool pumpkin patch field trip.  This is always my favorite field trip!

Blair with Dillion.  
Dillion is the younger brother of one of Easton's friends when he was in preschool.

Video of Blair having a hay fight:

Dyer finally found his favorite person!!!

Dyer also found the animals.

Video of Dyer petting the goats:

Blair holding one of the kittens.

Ready for the tractor ride.

Dyer of course with Ms. Valerie.

Blair found her pumpkin right away.

Dyer on the other hand couldn't decide which pumpkin to choose.  He had a lot of fun throwing the pumpkins like a ball though.

Playing on the hay fort.

Blair with her friend Jet.

The kids had a blast and Blair even got to go the next day with Ms. Valerie's other class.  

Monday, November 5, 2012


So when you get really far behind on blogging what do you do?  You combine a lot of pictures together to make one post!  So here's to all the randomness....

Dyer is officially on a one nap a day schedule.  Back when this picture was taken we were both unsure from day to day if he was going to take just one nap or two.  He ended up falling fast asleep during his lunch that day!  I guess he probably could have used his morning nap that day!

Making a trip to the indoor bounce house to escape the crazy heat!  It was around 100 degrees at the end of September.

This was the icing on the cake after our vacation!  Blair did great with going to the bathroom while we were on vacation (maybe a little too well since I'm pretty sure we visited every single bathroom at sea world.  And there are a lot of bathrooms at sea world!)  Anyways, I think she only had three accidents the whole trip (two of which could have been prevented if her parents would have been more on the ball).  Once we got home...It was a whole other story. She constantly had accident after accident for a week straight.  I was going CRAZY!!!  This particular day Blair pooped in her underwear and somehow got most of it all over the floor.  Then she thought it would be great to wipe herself with (no joke) half a roll of toilet paper which (you guessed it) clogged the toilet.  Instead of calling me to help her she continued to be a "big girl" and tried to fix the clog herself.  This is about the time I hear "splash, splash (plunger hitting the water), flush" and then water overflowing.  I run to the bathroom to find this beautiful scene!  Awesome!

On a lighter note the kids had fun with a treasure hunt we did one afternoon.

With the map in hand these kids are ready to find their treasure.

Digging for the treasure!

Their goodie bags

Dyer was pretty excited to get his own bag!

Early in October we went and checked out Apple Hill.  I had no idea how far away it was...We still had fun even though we were kind of on a time crunch.

Easton and Blair in the corn maze


Checking out the animals!

I love just love these four special people!

Looking for a pumpkin!

Dyer was in heaven playing with all this dirt!

We also got about 10 lbs of apples, cider, and basically an apple pie (I don't remember what they called it though).

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Gymnastics-Easton and Blair

Week 3:
Video of Easton and Blair (floor):



Video of Easton (floor):

Video of Blair (floor):

Video of Easton and Blair (beam):
Poor Blair hurt her butt when she was jumping off for her landing, but she quickly recovered!  She got right back on the next beam and finished!  Such a champion!

Week 4:

Video of Blair (bars):

Video of Blair on the bars:

Video of Easton (bars):

Video of Easton on the bars:

Video of Easton (bars):

Week 6:

Video of Easton (bars):

Video of Blair (bars):

Video of Blair on the bars:

Video of Easton on the bars:

Video of Blair and Easton on the bars: